Environmental research

One of my specialties that clients most often request is the translation of environmental research on Latin American rainforests.  While living in the Amazon for several years, I saw first-hand the threats to the rainforest and its inhabitants due to widespread clear-cutting.  International pressure eventually led the Brazilian government to adopt measures aimed at reducing the rate of deforestation, but this trend is fragile and by no means guaranteed.

If you or your organization are active in research or public campaigns to promote rainforest conservation, sustainable land use, or low-carbon development, you need to reach the widest audience possible with the most effective communication.  If you publish in Portuguese, Spanish, or French, your message will reach more people if it is also translated into English, which (for better or for worse) is currently the de facto language of international communication.  Not just any translation will do—it must be written in the most precise, persuasive, and idiomatic English possible.  This requires the skills of a native English speaker who can do justice to the nuances of the original Portuguese, Spanish, or French, who is familiar with Latin American rainforest ecology, and who has in-depth knowledge of the relevant environmental terminology. This is exactly what I can offer you through TranslationCraft Services.

To see some examples of my environmental translations, follow the link to Work samples. To inquire about a potential translation of your environmental text, please feel free to contact me.