Literary texts

Because Portuguese is less commonly learned as a second language, international audiences often miss out on the lively literary scene in Brazil.  To bring Brazilian writing to a broader reading public, I have translated a range of short stories and creative nonfiction from Portuguese into English. Working with authors who are magicians with words, attuned to the nuances and complexities of language, is one of the greatest pleasures—and greatest challenges—that a translator can encounter.  Capturing the unique style of each story and rendering it into smooth, flowing English has allowed me to hone my translating skills in all fields.

I encourage Brazilian writers to contact me for potential collaboration and invite readers to savor some examples of Brazil’s astonishing authors whose short stories and creative nonfiction I’ve had the privilege of translating (more can be found in the page on Work samples):

“Where Have All the Carnations Gone?” by Ozias Filho

“The Naked Girl” by Alex Andrade

“The Kiss” by Ediney Santana

“The Polis Amidst the Rosewood” by Henrique Komatsu

“Happy Birthday” by Luisa Geisler

“A Sketch of Ana” by Tony Monti (translation selected by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture for the Machado de Assis Magazine: Brazilian Literature in Translation, vol. 5, 2013)