If you need texts translated from Portuguese, Spanish, or French into English, TranslationCraft Services can help. I am passionate about the social sciences; I also care deeply about language and cross-cultural communication. I can translate your research texts into U.S. English (my native language) in a style that sounds natural, flows smoothly, and clearly communicates the linguistic and cultural meanings you want to impart. So if you’re looking for a precise and persuasive English translation of your text, I have the expertise and enthusiasm needed to make it shine.

Over the years, I have gained considerable experience in editing through translating, writing, and publishing my own articles, peer reviewing those of colleagues, and teaching writing-intensive courses to students. As a result, I also offer structural, stylistic, and copy editing services for native and non-native authors of English manuscripts. If you need such services, I invite you to visit the website of my sister company, Social Research Editing Services.

By concentrating on a clearly defined specialty rather than spreading myself thin as a generalist, I can promise technical accuracy and workflow efficiency. Since I have spent decades immersed in the research literature of certain topics, the characteristic modes of communication in the disciplines have become second nature to me. As I work on a translation, I confer with the author on various details of terminology or style that may come up in the process of recreating the text in a new language. I meticulously edit my work for content, style, format, and consistency, and, if necessary, consult with a source-language reviewer. By using TranslationCraft Services, your message will get through to your target audience in the most compelling way, ensuring the results you want. Contact me at your convenience to discuss your project.